Force or Faith?

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

This is the great question for my life today.  Will I choose to live by faith or will I attempt to live by force?  To live by force means that I establish my plans and I do whatever is necessary to accomplish those plans.  To live by faith means that I yield myself to the will of God and trust His leading.  Ambition can be a good thing–there is no place for lazy people in God’s work.  However, ambition often causes us to “push” our way through life missing the divine appointments that God has for us.  The faith life is not a slothful life, but it is a submissive life.  As I reminisce on God’s leading in this church plant to Cranberry, PA, I am aware of the obvious hand of God.  He has put people into our lives at just the right moment.  He has fit circumstances together perfectly.  He has answered specific prayers.  The hindsight of this endeavor is amazing.  The key is that God has done this.  Had I tried to place all these things together on my own, it would have never worked.  We are learning the importance of letting go.  As we release our lives and our calling into God’s hands, we find that He takes them and does so much more than we could ever do.  Are we living today by faith or by force?


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