Lessons from 38 Chairs

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I had the opportunity to be taught……..by some chairs.  Sounds kinda strange, huh?  Let me explain.  One of the needs of the new church that we will be planting is chairs–hopefully lots of them.  I received a call from a pastor friend who told me that a man was giving away some really nice ones, so we went to get them.  Everything went as planned.  After I had dropped him off at his home, I drove the last little way up to my house.  It was during those 30 minutes that I became the student and the chairs became my teacher.  What did they teach me?  1.  God will always provide. These were very nice chairs.  Probably they would total more than $400 if I were to buy them new.  Praise the Lord that his resources are limitless!  2.  You need more than nice chairs to have a successful church. Unfortunately they came from a church plant that lasted less than 2 years.  It was sobering to know that this pastor at one time had the same passion and excitement that I now have, but his doors were closing.  This was a solemn warning to me that there will be difficulties in this calling.  May the Lord help us to press on and overcome these by his power.  3.  Empty chairs symbolize opportunity and faith.  As I looked at those stacks of 38 chairs, I was saddened as I thought of who had sat in them previously.  But that feeling was overcome by the excitement of who will soon sit in those same chairs.  My mind began to visualize dads, mom, boys, little girls, grandpas, and sweet, old grandmas from Cranberry sitting in those seats.  I guess you could say I just let myself dream for a few minutes.  It was pretty amazing what those chairs taught me in a just a few minutes.  Sometimes we can learn some very important lessons from some strange places.


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