Don’t Talk With Your Eyes Closed

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

There is a phrase that is repeated in the twenty-fourth chapter of Numbers.  Verse three and verse fifteen record the same statement, “…the man whose eyes are open hath said…” No doubt you have heard the phrase, “Don’t walk with your eyes closed.” Those are good words of wisdom that will keep a person from needless injuries. There is another statement that  is equally important, but far less known. It is the statement, “Don’t talk with your eyes closed.” Let me use the example of the prophet Balaam to illustrate this truth.  He was a prophet of God, but he didn’t always act the way a prophet should act. Numbers chapter twenty-two gives the well-known account of Balaam attempting to reach King Balak after God had forbidden him to do so. He was clearly outside of the will of God and because of it he could not see the angel of the Lord restricting his way. He had what we would call spiritual blindness and as a result he became dumber than his own donkey. In verse thirty-one of Numbers 22, the Bible says, “Then the Lord opened the eyes of Balaam, and he say the angel of the Lord standing in the way…” The problem that Balaam had is the same problem that many Christians have today. The problem is not a physical blindness, it is a spiritual blindness. Only God can removes that scales that obstruct our spiritual vision. We, like Balaam, get ourselves into trouble when we speak before we have our eyes opened. Sometimes we think we have the answers and we know the right words to say, but we have not taken time to ask God what He thinks. It would be absurd for a blind person to give you advice on how to drive your car. It is just as absurd for us to give advice to others on how to live their lives, if we have not had God open our eyes to His answer.  Here is a little tip to help your remember this principle.  Sight comes before speech in the dictionary; it should be the same way in our lives as well.


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