Perspective is Everything

Posted: April 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

We have been gone from our home in Ohio for 13 days. Before we left on this 21 day trip, I decided it would be a good idea to get our car tuned up. Every time I take our vehicle to the mechanic, I always hope that he won’t find any big problems because that usually means a big bill. I dropped the car off and later that afternoon he gave me a call. He said he had checked it over and discovered that the water pump was going bad. He said it probably would be okay if we weren’t going on any long trips soon. I knew we were in trouble because we were going from Ohio to Pennsylvania to Connecticut to North Carolina to Tennessee back to North Carolina to Virginia and then home. My initial reaction was to be upset because I knew it would be several hundred dollars to fix the pump. I dreaded calling my wife and breaking the news to her. However, as I thought more about the situation, I realized something. My perspective was wrong. I was focusing on the wrong thing. God had preserved us from what could have been a very bad problem. We could have been hundreds of miles from home when the water pump went out. We would have had to pay for a tow truck. We most likely would have missed our meeting. We may have had to pay more to get it fixed. You see God was in control.  Instead of complaining, I began to thank God. He continues to teach me that perspective is everything in life.


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