Lovely and Pleasant

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

II Samuel 1:23 “Saul and Jonathan were lovely and pleasant in their lives…” David possessed so many important character traits that helped establish him as a great leader. One of those was his ability to overlook the problems in others and see their potential. In this passage, God’s people have just suffered defeat by the hands of the Philistines and worst of all, Saul and Jonathan are dead. David received word of this tragedy, and offers a eulogy for the slain leaders. He uses the words, lovely and pleasant to describe Saul and Jonathan. We easily understand why he would use such adjectives when describing Jonathan his best friend. However, it baffles us that he would include Saul in that same statement. Saul was anything but lovely and pleasant to David. As a matter of fact, Saul had tried on numerous occassions to kill David with a javelin. He had declared David his enemy and hunted him like a wild beast. This certainly does not seem like a lovely and pleasant man. Yet David was able to look past these things and remember the good times he had with Saul. We need to ask for the God to give us the heart of David. Too often we only emphasize the deficiencies of others. Every person has worth. Every person has gifts and abilities. We just have to recognize and utilize them.


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